The Grimm Agency

For all your Happily Ever After Needs


You've located the Agency, your premier source for solutions to all your problems.  Whether your problem is mundane or magical, at the Grimm Agency, we have the resources to resolve it so you can continue your happily ever after with the least inconvenience.*


  • An unauthorized account of Agency matters is currently in circulation.  The events represented in this book grossly mischaracterize the Fairy Godfather as stingy, power hungry, mildly insane, and unfeeling. He wishes to make it clear that he is not unfeeling.
  • We're delighted to offer a two-for-one special on breaking enchantments.  If you've been holding on to that frog prince, now is the time to bring him in. Our enchanters can reverse almost all forms of transformation.  If your enchantment can't be broken, our chefs will make you a meal to remember.
  • Until the equinox, all travel between realms will be subject to additonal screening.  If you haven't had a mammogram or rectal cancer screening, the medical professionals who maintain our transport safety will be happy to check that off your list.
  • Tip of the day: Don't turn away that old woman who offers you a single rose! While roses from old people seeking shelter often harbor disease, slamming the door on a senior citizen caught in a storm can result in  damage to your door and an unsightly mess.  An Agent would be happy to assist for appropriate fees.  Offer to put up the old woman at the local motel and call us while you still can!

*The Grimm Agency does not offer wishes.  If you desire a wish, our staff can provide a map detailing a number of local wells, arrange astronomy trips, and or birthday celebrations. Anyone caught demanding a wish will be subject to the whims of gravity after being tossed out the window. Gravity is not to be trifled with.