The Grimm Agency

For all your Happily Ever After Needs

A History of Happy Endings

For nearly four hundred years, the Grimm Agency has existed to resolve problems.  Whether it's an enchantment laid on your son or daughter, or an enchanter living in your basement, the professionals at the Grimm Agency are always ready to assist.  No problem is too large to handle, no massacre too bloody to clean up after.

Utilizing high calibre weapons and expert level spell work, our Agents are the finest troubleshooters in Kingdom.  Their ability to find trouble and then shoot it will leave you wondering why you didn't call sooner.

Furthermore, the professionals at the Grimm Agency value your safety above many other factors, and your privacy above your safety.  It has been over three days since the last workplace accident.

Problems we can assist with:

- Romantic entanglement
- Lack of Romantic Entanglement
- Accidental agreements with extra-reality entities
- Cheerleaders.
- Retrieval of first born children, with sibling discount for family rates! Don't choose between Grandma and Cousin Ed - you can afford to have your entire family extracted safely.

"May your endings all be happy, or at least mercifully quick and relatively painless."
-- B. Grimm, Fairy Godfather.